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dichtol AM is a very thin, high-performance polymer for infiltration, impregnation and sealing of porous structures, layers and components. dichtol AM independently penetrates porous structures and cracks and seals them permanently and reliably. The product has a very high capillary activity and cures without heat input under ambient conditions. The application is done atmospheric, i. e. without vacuum or pressure. The cured polymer fills open pores or cracks and has good resistance to oils, lubricants and coolants.


  • Efficient material consumption due to punctual application even with vagrant porosities
    Versatile applications by dipping, injecting, spraying or brushing
    Good chemical resistance
    Temperature resistant up to + 300°C
    Drinking water and food approval

Typical applications

  • Impregnation of metals, impregnation of castings
  • Sealing of thermally sprayed coatings (sealers for APS, HVOF, LDS, flame spraying)
  • Infiltration of 3D printed components, additive manufacturing, generative manufacturing



Storage / Shelf life

Store in the original unopened container in a cool and dry place (+5°C to +30°C). Durability 5 years

Processing / Preparation

In the pores to be sealed, dirt, foreign matter, fat and other substances must be completely removed. Crack testing agents may negatively affect the penetration behaviour of the sealant. For cleaning dirty surfaces we recommend DIAMANT Cleaner #1417.


The product is a 1-component system. Please note the application temperatures given in the technical data. Application on surfaces that are too hot, as well as application at too low temperatures, can negatively influence the penetration behaviour of the sealant.

Brush & Spray

Apply dichtol crosswise in 4 steps at intervals of about 1 minute. Keep wet on the surface for at least 5 minutes to ensure sufficient time for deep penetration.

Inject & Fill

dichtol into the space to be sealed (e.g. blind hole, threaded hole, cooling channel, etc.) and allow to react for at least 5 minutes. Then, if necessary, pour off excess material.


Dip the component to be treated in dichtol and after a reaction time of at least 2 minutes, apply dichtol again. Remove again after 5 minutes. Please make sure to drain the component properly. It is recommended to move the component during dripping to prevent deposits of dichtol from forming in undercuts or cavities.


dichtol cures completely under room conditions. Curing can be accelerated by temperature.

Technical data sheet for DIAMANT AM


Safety data sheet for DIAMANT AM

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