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dichtol AM Spray is a ready-to-use impregnation system based on a special polymer formulation. By using the practical spray can, dichtol AM Spray enables easy and reliable impregnation of leaky components. The smallest pores from 0 to 0. 1 mm can be closed. This allows a high pressure tightness, even with difficult object structures. In the case of locally known leaks, punctual impregnation ensures an efficient use of materials. Direct application on site also eliminates long waiting and delivery times.


  • Efficient material consumption
  • Temporary corrosion and transport protection
  • Drinking water and food tested
    (Instute of hygiene Gelsenkirchen)

Typical applications

  • Capillary active deep impregnation of micropores, hair cracks and porosities
  • Specific series impregnation
  • Single impregnation (of large components)


Storage / Shelf life

Store in original, unopened container in a dry, cool and frost-free place (+5°C to +30°C). Shelf life 5 years.

Processing / Preparation

Dirt residues, foreign bodies, grease and other substances must be completely removed from the pores to be sealed. For this purpose we recommend the use of DIAMANT Cleaner #1417.


The object or application temperature should not exceed +40°C, otherwise the penetration behaviour of the polymer may be reduced.

Brush & Spray

apply sealant in 4 stages at intervals of about 1 minute and keep damp on the surface for at least 5 minutes.

Inject & Fill

dichtol into the space to be sealed (e.g. blind hole, threaded hole, cooling channel, etc.) and allow to react for at least 5 minutes. Then, if necessary, pour off excess material.


Dip the component to be treated completely in dichtol. After a reaction time of at least 5 minutes, remove the component and allow to drain well.


dichtol WFT cures within a short time. Please refer to the table for the exact times. We distinguish the hardening in three stages:

Surface hardening = time from which the material is grip-resistant and can be moved Mechanical through-hardening = time from which the material can be mechanically processed Full through-hardening = time from which the material has reached its full chemical resistance

Technical data sheet for DIAMANT AM Spray


Safety data sheet for DIAMANT AM Spray

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