DWH 311 FL

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DWH 311 FL is a low-viscosity 2-component fine adjustment and adhesive coating based on epoxy resin with aluminium fillers. This is used for the form- and force-fitting filling and bonding of separating joints to components, assemblies and components of a wide variety of material components. By means of casting, injection and moulding, complex shapes and structures can also be created with a precision in the μm range.
DWH 311 FL can be detached by using a micro-thin layer of Diamant release agent on the counter surface. The result is an exact copy of the molded surface. High-precision preparation of surfaces and mechanical post-processing of the surfaces are not required. In modern production technology, process times and costs can be reduced many times over.

Typical applicaions

  • Form- and force-fitting installation of guides in mechanical engineering,
  • Adjusting coating for assemblies and elements of various materials.
  • Full-surface lining of mouldings and elements as a replacement for feed plates.
  • Load-bearing gap compensation on beams of portal milling and Gantry systems
  • μm-accurate adjustment of bushes, centering and guide elements
  • Fixing and / or centering of bearing bushes according to high precision alignment
  • As filling and composite material in 3D printing + additive manufacturing


  • Very high accuracy, μm-accurate moulding
  • Very high compressive strenght
  • Extrem dimensional stability after curing
  • Excellent load transfer due to complete contact of the surfaces
  • Temperature resistance up to +80°C
  • Excellent damping properties thanks to the E-module ca. 8500 N/mm²
  • Aluminium grey color after curing
  • High resistance to oils, cooling emulsions, mineral and synthetic coolants and lubricates and many other chemicals.

Chemical resistance

Please contact our technicians for questions about chemical resistance.

Storage / Shelf life

Store in original, unopened container in a dry, cool and frost-free place (+5°C to +20°C). Shelf life 2 years. Keep away from direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the shelf life.

Preparation of the bonding surface

The surfaces to be coated should have a significant roughening to improve adhesion. The peak-to-valley height should be 0.5 mm (Rt = 500μm). The roughening can be produced, for example, with a cutter head with a large feed on a milling machine.surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease and oil. For cleaning dirty surfaces we recommend DIAMANT Cleaner #1417 or DIAMANT Cleaning Spray #1534.Surfaces to which DWH should not adhere should be coated with Release Agent #1354 or Release Spray #1355.

Mixing Procedure

To mix DWH 311 FL, add Component B completely into the Component A container. Mix intensively with a drill and the DIAMANT mixing propeller (Prod. No. #0789) (max. 250 rpm for approx. 2 minutes). Scrape off any material adhering to the wall of the container with a spatula and add to the mixture. Mix again thoroughly.


DWH 311 FL should be transferred in a long, thin uninterrupted stream into a clean vessel

Application description

DWH 311 FL can be poured free-flowing into the gap open at the top and of sufficient size.Alternatively, DWH 311 FL, after being transferred into a hand-held cartridge, can be injected through an inlet port into the prepared sealed cavity. To avoid air pockets, the cavity is filled from the lowest point.

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Safety data sheet for DIAMANT 311 FL

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