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Liquid Metal Alu is a one-component, ready-to-use matal filler, filled with aluminium filler materials. The viscous special putty can be applied with a spatula or a lancet. After curing, the metal spatula shows an excellent alignment with the corresponding base material. Particularly effective is the use for serial repairs to minor surface defects.

Thickened material can be diluted by adding Diamant Thinner (#0079) (not possible with tube packaging), so that it can be used again. The Diamant Thinner (#0079) can also be used to change the consistency of liquid metal Iron #0077 and liquid metal steel #0078. As a result, the fillable material becomes more spreadable or pourable.


  • Versatile application due to individually adjustable viscosity by diluting
  • temperature resistant up to +200°C
  • ready-to-use and easy application
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Contains selected and high-quality fillers
  • Weather resistant
  • Resistant to hot liquids

Typical applications

  • small, fast repairs
  • surface protection
  • Repair of pipes, containers, gutters, radiators, castings, coolers, etc.

Storage / Shelf life

Store dry, between 10-20°C in unopened original container. Avoid direct sunlight. The shelf life is 6 months for tins, cans and tubes and 3 months for syringes.

Processing / Preparation

For optimum adhesion of Liquid Metal Alu, we recommend degreasing the surface before application. For this purpose we recommend the use of DIAMANT Cleaner #1417.


The areas to be repaired should be clean and dry. Deeper defects can be repaired by applying several coats, each of which should be cured before applying the next. Maximum layer thickness: 2mm-3mm.The applied metal filler hardens within 2 hours. After this time, the above-mentioned subsequent layers can be applied in the case of multi-layer applications. Curing takes place within 2 hours at +20°C room temperature.reseal cans, jugs well after use. Diamond liquid metal aluminium and diamond thinner are combustible. Flame point below +21°C/70°F.


At 20°C about 120 minutes / 2 hours

Technical data sheet for DIAMANT Alu


Safety data sheet for DIAMANT Alu

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