liquid metals Thinner

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Diamond Thinner is a special thinner for the Liquid Metal product line. Only by using this thinner can the processability of thickened liquid metal products be carried out.


  • Manufacturing the processability of liquid metal product line

Typical applications

  • Small, fast repairs
  • Surface protection
  • Repair of pipes, containers, gutters, radiators, castings, coolers, etc.

Storage / Shelf life

Store in unopened original container in a dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. The shelf life is 6 months for cans and jugs.

Processing / Preparation

For optimal adhesion of liquid metal aluminum/steel/iron, we recommend degreasing the surface before application. For this purpose, we recommend the use of DIAMANT Cleaner #1417.


Put the liquid metal product to be diluted and add a little thinner. Stir in the thinner well. Repeat this step by step until the processing ability is restored.

Application Note

This thinner has been specifically formulated for this use and is not suitable for thinning other products. Due to its composition, this thinner cannot be used for cleaning surfaces.

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Safety data sheet for DIAMANT Thinner

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