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MM1018 Smart S is a metal polymer for full-surface and force-filling of inaccuracies and unevenness between metal elements such as head plates, bridge bearings, crane and rail guides as well as steel components. For gap sizes >10 mm, it is recommended to insert steel lining sheets to reduce the maximum gap width to less than 10 mm.

MM1018 Smart S is supplied in ready-to-use pack sizes in double cartridges. The product consists of two components.

Static mixing coil #2132
Pneumatic discharge device #8164


  • Very high compressive strength
  • Resistant to corrosion and weathering
  • Seawater resistant
  • Formally stable
  • chemically resistant to oil, petrol, coolant

Typical application

Gap compensation, force-locked connection to


  • Headplate bumps
  • Bridge bearings
  • Crane and guide rails
  • Silos
  • Steel and water engineering
  • Steel construction and structural steel
  • Tunnelling

for joints steel to steel and steel to concrete.

custody / durability

Store dry and frost-free in the unopened container. Durability 6 months. Avoid direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the durability.

Work preparation


Contact surfaces wetted with MM1018 Smart S must be cleaned of dirt and loose particles using deoiled compressed air if possible. The Diamant-Reininger #1417 is recommended. The cleaner must be placed on a lint-free cloth, with which the contact surface is then cleaned. If screws are present, they must be protected by PU screw protection to prevent future gluing of the threads with MM1018 Smart S. If the contact surfaces have to be separated again at a later stage, it is necessary to use a release agent in advance. Diamond release agent #1354 is recommended. The release agent must be applied generously on the contact surface to which adhesion is to be avoided.

Description of application

MM1018Smart S can only be administered by injection. It is necessary that the slit to be injected is sealed to prevent MM1018 from leaking out of the slit. For gap sealing, the use of MM1018 SEAL #2108 is recommended. Information on material and workmanship can be found in the technical data sheet MM1018 SEAL #2108.


MM1018 Smart can be injected into a sealed cavity. Prerequisite for the injection are appropriate injection and ventilation openings, which have to be planned depending on the available gap size or cavity. The injection is carried out via flexible plastic hoses (prod. –No. #1579) using shut-off valves (prod. –No. #1577) which are attached via R1/4” screw connections (prod. –No. #1578) at the inlet and outlet points. A 150mm long plastic hose, a shut-off valve and a further piece of hose designed according to the working conditions are to be attached via suitable hose points (prod. –No. # 1576).

The static mixing coil #2132 is attached to the double cartridge and secured with the bayonet closure. The double cartridge is inserted into the discharge device when the cartridge is correctly attached, it locks in. The cartridge tip is now placed by hand on the free end of the hose. After opening the stop valve, the injection can be started at the push of a button. The injection pressure can be regulated via the discharge device.

To change the cartridge or refill the pistons of the discharge device are retracted, then the stop valve is closed to prevent the material already injected from flowing back. The free hose end is fixed for the cartridge change so that no material can leak. The injection is stopped as soon as the material leaves the upper vent. The stop valve must be closed before removing the cartridge. Material flowing back from the injection hose, for example, should be collected with a cloth and properly disposed of in the household waste.

After curing, the injection and ventilation connections can be cut off and disposed of in the household waste.


6. ) Injection with DIiamond MM1018 liquid

7. ) let MM1018 cure liquid

8. ) Cut off the injection connections and clean them







Technical data sheet for DIAMANT Smart S


Safety data sheet for DIAMANT Smart S

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