MM1018 Rapid Glue P

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MM1018 Rapid Adhesive P is a 2-component adhesive which is particularly suitable for attaching injection packers for the use of MM1018. To guarantee the correct mixing ratio of both components, the packer adhesive is delivered in a practical double cartridge system.

  • Easy handling thanks to cartridge system
  • Easy removal of packers after injection of MM1018
  • Fast curing
  • Double cartridge is sufficient for up to 10 packer attachments

Accessories: Mixing coil #8162

Storage / Shelf life

Cool and frost-free between (+5°C to +20°C) without direct sunlight, shelf life for 24 months. Protect from direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the shelf life.


The surface of the packer and the adhesive point on the building object must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Attach the mixing coil to the cartridge unit and insert the cartridge unit into the cartridge gun. To ensure an even mixing of the two components, the first two centimetres of the pressed glue should be discarded.

Description of application

Apply the DIAMANT Rapid adhesive in a circular line on the packing surface to be adhesive and press the packer firmly on the joint. If necessary, the packer can be adjusted. To prevent the packer from slipping on vertical surfaces, secure it with adhesive tape. Due to the short potting time, the material hardens quickly. In order to avoid curing in the mixing coil, the material should be processed quickly. After the injection of MM1018, the packer can be removed easily. With a double cartridge 8-10 packers can be attached.


Technical data sheet for DIAMANT Rapid Glue P


Safety data sheet for DIAMANT Rapid Glue P

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