MM1018 QR Stick Steel

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The Quick Repair Stick is a fast-curing 2-component stick, consisting of selected polymers. The sealant is versatile whether in industrial use, in the home or on the move. In combination with MM1018, the QR-Stick is the savior in need to seal small defects in the shortest possible time. The short time required allows a quick continuation of the assembly.
After curing, the repair site treated with the QR-Stick can be treated like metal.


  • Directly and quickly ready for use without weighing or measuring
  • ideal for bonding, filling, sealing of metals
  • small & handy
  • fast curing within about 15 minutes

Chemical resistance

  • Oil
  • Petrol
  • Coolants




 Shelf life

Shelf life for 24 months


Knead the heated qrStick in the palm of the hand to a uniform dark grey unit Apply the material manually to the repair site to the desired shape (e. g. press with your finger)

Technical data sheet for DIAMANT QR Stick Steel


Safety data sheet for DIAMANT QR Stick Steel

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