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moglice P is a high-viscosity 2-component sliding surface. This is used for the production of guides, sliding bearings and sliding surfaces. The precise moulding technology enables complex shapes and structures without mechanical processing with a precision in the µm range. In modern production technology, process times and costs can be reduced many times over. The material cam be detached from the counter surface by using a micro-thin layer of Diamant release agent. The result is an exact copy of the workpiece surface.

Typical applications

  • Sliding coverings and guides in mechanical engineering
  • Slides for punching sliders with permanent lubrication
  • Sliding surfaces for surface air bearings on glass grinding machines
  • Slides for transport systems for electronic elements such as waivers, displays or photovoltaics
  • Guides for positioning at high speeds
  • Sliding surfaces in pressure cylinders
  • Sliding surfaces in lubrication-free actuators and clutch elements
  • Repairs of sliding surfaces


  • simple, pasty application by means of filler technology
  • μm-precise molding
  • High dimensional stability
  • High resistance to cooling emulsions, mineral and synthetic lubricants and cutting agents
  • Anti-Sick-Slip behaviour
  • Emergency running characteristics
  • Excellent load transfer due to complete contact surfaces

Chemical resistance

For questions about chemical resistance please contact our technicians.

Storage / Shelf life

Store in original, unopened container in a dry, cool and frost-free place (+5°C to +20°C). Shelf life 18 months. Protect from direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the shelf life.

Preparation of the bonding surface

Roughen the guide surface to be coated to improve adhesion. The peak-to-valley height should be 0.5mm (Rt-500µm). The roughening can be produced with a cutter head with a large feed on a milling machine.

Mixing Procedure

To mix moglice P, add component B completely to the container of component A. Mix intensively with a drill and the DIAMANT mixing propeller (Prod. No. #0789) (max. 250 rpm for approx. 2 minutes). Scrape off any material adhering to the wall of the container with a spatula and add to the mixture. Mix again thoroughly.


remove moglice P from the container immediately after mixing and spread thinly on a clean sheet. By spreading out, part of the reaction heat is dissipated and thus the processing time is extended.

Description of use

Apply a thin layer of adhesion firmly to the adhesive base with the spatula. Fill in the rest in a roof-shaped manner without trapping air.

Qualification and Service

To ensure the best possible quality as well as error-free application, we offer the following services:

Consultation by phone and/or at your site Site supervision and monitoring of the work by our experienced application technicians Complete execution of the work by our experienced application technicians


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