moglice moglice smart 2:1 cartridge system

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dichtol WFT is a very thin, high-performance polymer for infiltration, impregnation and sealing of porous structures, layers and components. dichtol WFT urgently independently seals porous structures and cracks and seals them permanently and reliably. The product has a very high capillary activity and cures without heat input under ambient conditions. The application is done atmospheric, i. e. without vacuum or pressure. The cured polymer fills open pores or cracks and has good resistance to oils, lubricants and coolants.


  • μm-precise molding
  • High dimensional stability
  • High resistance to cooling emulsions, mineral and synthetic lubricants and cutting agents
  • Anti-Sick-Slip Behavior
  • Emergency running characteristics
  • Excellent load transfer due to complete contact surfaces

Moldable sliding surface for injection in the practical double cartridge. No mixing errors, no contact with the product.

Chemical resistance

For questions about chemical resistance, please contact our technicians

custody / durability

Store dry and frost-free in the unopened container. Durability 18 months. Avoid direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the durability.


The guide surface to be coated is roughened to improve adhesion. The roughness depth should be 0. 5mm (Rt-500μm). Roughening can be done with a knife head with large feed on a milling machine.



Qualification and Service

To ensure the best possible quality and error-free application, we offer the following services:

Advice by phone and/or on site at the construction site Site supervision and supervision of work by our experienced application technicians


Technical data sheet for DIAMANT moglice smart 2:1 cartridge system


Safety data sheet for DIAMANT moglice smart 2:1 cartridge system

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