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moglice SLE (Self Leveling Epoxy) is a very low viscosity 2 component sliding coating which is self leveling due to its very thin consistency. To produce large sliding surfaces, moglice SLE is poured onto a molded-in surface. After curing, the product exhibits nearly 100% flatness. With moglice SLE, flat surfaces can be created at a size that cannot be achieved with conventional products. moglice SLE is the cost-effective alternative to measuring and control plates made of hard stone (granite).

Typical application

  • Air bearing sliding surfaces
  • Sliding tables for optical and electronic components
  • Flat floor coverings
  • Sliding surfaces as well as sliding and guiding tracks on machine components


  • Easy application by means of potting technology
  • Low coefficient of sliding friction, good emergency running properties
  • High dimensional stability
  • Good stick-slip behavior
  • Large area grouting is possible. E.g. 1000 x 3000 mm or 500 x 8000 mm

Chemical resistance

For questions about chemical resistance please contact our technicians


Storage / Shelf life

Store in the original, unopened container in a dry, cool and frost-free place (+5°C to +20°C). Shelf life 18 months. Protect from direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the shelf life.

Processing of the adhesion surface

The surface to be coated is roughened to improve adhesion. The roughening depth should be 0.5 mm (Rt-500 µm). The roughening can be produced with a cutter head with a large feed on a milling machine. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease and oil. For cleaning dirty surfaces we recommend DIAMANT Cleaner #1417 or DIAMANT Cleaning Spray #1534. Surfaces to which DWH should not adhere should be coated with Release Agent #1354 or Release Spray #1355.

Mixing Procedure

To mix moglice SLE, add component B completely to the component A container. Mix intensively with a drill and the DIAMANT mixing propeller (Prod. No. #0789) (max. 250 rpm for approx. 2 minutes). Scrape off any material adhering to the wall of the container with a spatula and add to the mixture. Mix thoroughly again.


moglice SLE should be transferred to a clean container in a long, thin, uninterrupted stream.

Directions for use

moglice SLE can be poured over a cased surface. Use a spatula to support the even flow. Due to the low viscosity, self-leveling will result in an even surface. After complete curing, the surface can be machined.

Qualification and service

To ensure the best possible quality as well as error-free application we offer the following services:

Consultation by telephone and/or on site at the construction site Site supervision and monitoring of the work on site Complete execution of the work by our experienced application technicians


Technical data sheet for DIAMANT SLE


Safety data sheet for DIAMANT SLE

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