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DIAMANT plasticmetal is a quick-curing polymer-bound metal repair system for the reliable filling of blow holes as well as small and medium-size defects. Due to its particularly high content of genuine metal fillers, plasticmetal exhibits a very good metal finish and can be machined and manually worked like metal.

As a freely combinable repair system, plasticmetal from DIAMANT adapts itself perfectly to every specific requirement.

14 metal powders and 6 hardening liquids can be invidually combined in the plasticmetal repair system and used for a specific application. The freely selectable mixing ratio allows varible viscosities from liquid to pasty. Particularly practical and economical: Also ideal when very small amounts are rquired, because mixed material can be stored without problems and is instantly available for subsequent work.


  • excellent metal character
  • very good adhesion to all metals and alloys
  • resistant to chemically aggressive media
  • permanent temperature resistance up to +250°C (short term up to +350°C)
  • short curing times
  • free mixing ratio (consistency: liquid to pasty)
  • workable after hardening like metal and paintable

field of application: Cast brass

For best metal character after the processing

Typical application

DIAMANT plasticmetal is used to repair and correct voids, porosities, cavities, wear and tear on all cast iron, steel and metal alloys.

Storage/ shelf life

Store in the original, unopened container in a dry, cool and frost-free place (5°C-+20°C). Shelf life 12 months. Protect froom direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the shelf life.

Preparation of the liability surface

Roughen liablility surfaces and clean with DIAMANT cleaner. The surface must be dry and clean. The working temperature must be within the optimum temperature range between +5/+45°C.


Mix the powder and the hardener liquid in a volume ratio of at least 1:1 (liquid, pourable consistency). By adding powder, the consistency can be adjusted from pourable to pasty spatulatable. The maximum mixing ratio is 3:1 (powder : liquid).

Application description

Apply a thin adhesive layer firmly to the liability surfaces with a spatula. Roughen the rest roof-shaped without trapping air.


The curing time depends on the amount of hardener used and varies from 5 to 60 minutes.



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