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RepaCoat CH is a pasty, cold-curing expoy formulation with excellent chemical resistance, which is achieved through the use of special resins and hardeners as well as additives and inert fillers. RepaCoat CH is particularly suitable as protection against mixtures of aggressive chemicals.


  • Protects the ground material from aggressive media
  • Resistant to most inorganic acids and at the same time against organic acids.
  • High resistance to solvents
  • demonstrably increases the service life of pipes, pumps and tanks
  • Easy application by filling

Typical applications

2-component coating with an excellent Resistance to aggressive chemicals in:

  • Tanks, tubes, pipes and pumps
  • Chemical industry, oil industry
  • Refineries
  • Exhaust systems

Retention / Shelf life

store in original, unopened container dry, cool and frost-free (+5°C to +20°C °C) . Shelf life 2 years. Protect from direct sunlight. High temperatures reduce the shelf life.

Preparation / Surface condition

Rugging the surface by sandblasting (preferably) or grinding, up to a roughness depth of 100μm +/- 20μm, blasted sharp edges (blasting material G). Recommended surface preparation grade Sa 2,5.

Processing parameters

The processing time (potting time) of the material begins as soon as the two components A and B have been completely mixed with each other by means of a mixing coil. Potting time and curing time depend on the amount of material (volume) and temperature. With larger containers, the potting time may be reduced due to a higher reaction heat. The material hardening can be accelerated by heating. The maximum permissible temperature for accelerated curing is 50°C. The required curing temperature is 5°C . At low temperatures it is recommended to preheat the components.


RepaCoat can be filled with a spatula. First apply a thin layer of adhesion with a spatula. Then apply the rest with the spatula in a layer thickness of at least 3mm. The minimum application thickness is 2mm. If a second layer of RepaCoat is applied, an optimal bonding to the first layer is achieved when the first layer has reacted at least 1.5 hours. In case of later stress due to vibrations, the layer thickness should not exceed 3mm be.

Strike & Spray

dichtol in 4 steps at intervals of about 1 minute and at least 5 minutes on the wet surface

Including & Filling Fill

dichtol into the area to be sealed (e.g. bag hole, threaded hole, cooling duct, etc.) and leave for at least 5 minutes. Subsequently, if necessary, excess material


Component to be treated is completely immersed in dichtol. After an exposure time of at least 5 minutes, remove the component and drain well


dichtol WFT cures within a short time. Please refer to the table for the exact times. We differentiate the curing into three stages:

Surface hardening = Time from which the material is grip-proof and can be moved Mechanical hardening = Time from which the material can be mechanically processed Full Hardening = Time from which the material has reached its full chemical resistance

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