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RepaCoat PH is a pasty 2-component polymer material with highly wear-resistant, ceramic fillers. The product is characterized by a good flow and high drainage strength. the preferred application is in areas where extremely high wear protection against impacting solid particles is needed (particles in liquid media, gases and bulk solids).


  • High wear protection with extreme abrasive demand
  • Filled with high quality ceramic fillers
  • High drainage on all types
  • Layer thicknesses up to 1cm can be used with the coarser types be applied in one operation

Typical applications

  • Extruders, fans
  • Pipes (especially downspouts), chutes
  • Containers for bulk material
  • Exhaust systems (temperature limit)
  • Centrifuges, cyclones
  • Conveyor systems including screw conveyors
  • all types of mixers (container and agitator) etc.

Retention / Durability

store dry, cool and frost-free in the original unopened container (+5°C to +20°C) °C). Shelf life 2 years. Protect from direct sunlight. High temperatures reduce shelf life.

Preparation / Surface condition

Roughening of the surface by sandblasting (preferably) or grinding, up to a roughness depth of 100μm +/- 20μm, blasted sharp edges (blasting material G). Recommended surface preparation grade Sa 2,5.

Processing parameters

The processing time (potting time) of the material begins as soon as the two components A and B have been completely mixed with each other by means of a mixing coil. Potting time and curing time depend on the amount of material (volume) and temperature. With larger containers, the potting time may be reduced due to a higher reaction heat. The material hardening can be accelerated by heating. The maximum permissible temperature for accelerated curing is 50°C. The required curing temperature is 5°C . At low temperatures it is recommended to preheat the components.


RepaCoat PH can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. The optimal spraying conditions must be determined individually in preliminary tests (generally good results are obtained when heated to approx. 50°C and 200 to 300 bar). The minimum application thickness is 350μm. Should a 2nd layer RepaCoat PH is applied, so an optimal bond to the first layer is achieved if the first layer has reacted at least 1.5 hours. In the event of subsequent vibrational stress, the layer thickness should not exceed 1mm.


To mix RepaCoat PH, Component B is placed completely in the container with Component A. Mix intensively with a hand drill and the Diamond Mixing Propeller #0789. Wipe off material sticking to the wall of the container with a spatula and mix. Mix again thoroughly.

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