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DIAMANT Thermocasting #2573 is a high temperature 2 component inorganic based potting compound. The product is solvent free and cold or warm curing. The product has no hazardous ingredients and has a variable mixing ratio.

Typical applications

  • Embedding of heating elements and thermal sensors
  • Puttying out refractory bricks
  • Pouring of resistance wires
  • Setting without firing


  • Temperature resistance up to 1100°C
  • Solvent free system


The surfaces to be processed must be free of oil and grease, dry and clean. Do not process below 5°C. Diamond Thermocast #2573 is prepared in the ratio component A : component B = 3:2 parts by weight to obtain a brushable viscosity. It can also be mixed variably. This could lead to a delayed fixing time (curing time).

Storage / Shelf Life

Store in original, unopened container in a dry place at room temperature (+10°C to +25°C). Shelf life 24 months. Protect from direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the shelf life.

Mixing process

The product can be mixed variably. A trowel-compatible consistency at a mixing ratio of 3:2. Loosen component A before use. Shake component B before use. Make sure that the mixing ratio is homogeneous.

Description of use

After mixing, process the material immediately.

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