Tin-Solder-Replacement CBR Spatel

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CBR 2109 is a medium viscous, fast-curing 2-component epoxy resin adhesive and filler compound for a wide range of applications. CBR fulfils a wide range of filling and bonding tasks between different materials. This mineral-filled reaction resin system has been specially developed as a filler for joint and seam areas (no contact corrosion). CBR is used in the automotive industry as a paint carrier system and tin replacement.
Fast curing (less than 60 minutes at elevated temperature) and easy machinability allow a cost-effective application.
DIAMANT CBR 2109 is supplied in a 2-component piston with a static mixing coil. The fixed mixing ratio and the correct mixing in the static mixing coil guarantee the product characteristics and the consistent quality during the processing of the material.

DIAMANT CBR can be applied without temperature input. This allows repairs to be carried out without complete dismantling of attachments, such as door panels or covers. With minimal effort and therefore significant time savings. As well as with increased security. Because the “cold” processing protects adjacent lacquers, adhesive joints, seam seals or cavity seals. All this is environmentally friendly without exposure to lead and heavy metals.
DIAMANT CBR is delivered in a two-component cartridge ready for use. The curing takes place at room temperature and can be accelerated by adding heat. The metal putty has a good adhesion to aluminium, iron and steel and hardens without shrinkage. CBR can be sanded with low dust after curing and is easily repainted.

Typical applications

  • Bonding of metals and other materials
  • Joint fillers for a wide range of applications
  • Filling filler in body construction
  • Support system for paints
  • Alluvial tin replacement
  • As filling and composite material in 3D printing + Additive Manufacturing


  • Good adhesion to steel, aluminium, zinc, plastics and minerals
  • Easy machining (drilling, grinding, planing)
  • high stability , no sagging, no runoff
  • easy to model
  • fast curing, which can be increased by adding temperature
  • High temperature resistance (up to +110 °C)
  • light grey shade after curing

Chemical resistance

Please contact our technicians for questions about chemical resistance.

Storage / Shelf life

Store in original, unopened container in a dry, cool and frost-free place (+5°C to +20°C). Shelf life 2 years. Keep away from direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the shelf life.

Preparation of the adhesion surface

Correct surface pre-treatment is a prerequisite for the successful application of CBR 2109. The surface must be free of grease, clean and dry. Varnish and other residues such as adhesive residues must be completely removed. The substrate must be metallicly polished with a grain size of P60. A good result is also achieved with a brush blasting device (e. g. BristleBlaster from Monti). After this preparation, the surface must be cleaned with a residue-free cleaner (e. g. DIAMANT cleaner Art. no. 1417 or DIAMANT Reiiger-Spray Art. no. 1534). The application temperature must be between 10 °C and 50 °C.



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