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ultrametal UM1250 is a high quality two-component polymer material for repair and touch-up of metals. The solvent-free epoxy resin system has high chemical resistance and does not corrode on surfaces.It is a fast curing system and the use of special raw materials and additives makes it possible to carry out repairs in the shortest time under the most difficult application conditions.


  • can be machined like metal: filing, milling, turning, drilling
  • no shrinkage, therefore ideal for use on large surfaces
  • fast curing
  • high mechanical strength
  • chemical resistant

Typical application

  • Ship, car, railroad, transformer and other parts in the metal processing industry
  • especially for housings, pumps, containers, engine blocks, cylinder heads, gearboxes, radiator propellers, etc.
  • with perfect adhesion, load values and resistance to rust, weathering, even on wet or oily surfaces.

custody / durability

Store dry and frost-free in the unopened container. Durability 24 months. Avoid direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the durability.


Preparation Processing

Adhesion surfaces have to be roughed and cleaned with DIAMANT cleaner. The surface has to be dry and clean.


Break open the ends of the twin syringe and press the required amount of UM 1250 onto a clean mixing plate. Mix the 2 components together for approx. 2min. to a homogeneous mass and repair the corresponding area.

First apply a thin adhesive layer with pressure to the adhesive surface. When used on oily and greasy repair areas, UM1250 must be applied intensively with pressure (penetration of the oil-grease film on the adhesive surface). Then immediately apply the necessary layer thickness of the damaged area. To be noted: The cap of the tip container should always be closed after application.


The treated surfaces can be used for light loads after 2 hours. After 4 hours the surface is fully cured and can be used for full loads.







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