ultrametal Iron P rapid

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ultrametal iron P rapid is a high-quality two-component polymer material made for the repair of metals. The solvent-free epoxy resin system has a high chemical resistance and does not corrode.


  •  Workable like metal: filing,milling,turning,drilling
  • Perfect metal character due to up to 90% metal filing
  • No shrinkage, perfect for large surfaces
  • Short port life
  • High mechanical strength
  • Chemical resistant

Typical application

  • Coatings of pumps,containers and heat exchangers
  • Axle and shaft reperation
  • Maintenance and Reparation of all metal parts
  • Restruction projects


custody / durability

Store dry and frost-free in the unopened container. Durability 24 months. Avoid direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the durability.

Preparation Processing

Adhesion surfaces have to be roughed and cleaned with DIAMANT cleaner. The surface has to be dry and clean.


Pour the hardening liquid (#2461) in the given mixing ratio onto the resin component (#2463A). Mix the components manual with the spatula or mechanical (Propeller-Mixer, at 125 U/Min. for 2 Min.) until the hardener is completely mixed with the viscous resin. Any material which is sticking to the bottom or sides of the container has to be mixed in with the rest of the mixture completely. The material should be used immediately after mixing.



The treated surfaces can be used for light application after 2 hours. After 4 hours the surface is completely cured and is resilient completely.



Technical data sheet for DIAMANT Iron P rapid


Safety data sheet for DIAMANT Iron P rapid

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