Projects | 26. July 2023 With safety free travel on German roads: Lightning rehabilitation of gantries with MM1018

On Germany’s highways, thousands of static and dynamic gantries ensure optimum safe traffic guidance and perfect orientation. The traffic sign girders, which can weigh up to 40 tons, have to meet the highest requirements every day, remain stable in all weather conditions and withstand dynamic wind loads. To ensure stability and traffic safety, the supporting structures are regularly inspected and, if necessary, refurbished in a timely manner. For the force-fit compensation of gaps and tolerances at the transom-stem connections, which are exposed to particularly high loads, the Liquid Lining Sheet® MM1018 from DIAMANT Polymer GmbH is increasingly used throughout Germany.

The gap compensation at the ledger-stem connections of sign gantries can be carried out quickly, reliably and according to the ZTV-ING specifications with the Liquid Lining Sheet® from DIAMANT. MM1018 enables the production of a 100% support and a friction-locked connection.
With the highly filled metal polymer, the fatigue strength, which is existentially important for sign gantries, can be efficiently secured from Hamburg to Munich. The two-component reaction resin system can be used in paste or liquid form and can be filled or injected. It is extremely resistant to external influences.

Pressure swell tests to determine the fatigue strength of gap levelling material in cooperation with the Institute for Building Materials Research (ibac) of RWTH Aachen University have resulted in top values for DIAMANT’s Liquid Lining Sheet® and demonstrated its particular suitability for use in the rehabilitation of sign gantries. When implementing the rehabilitation work of gantries, DIAMANT Polymer GmbH optionally takes over the entire trade – incl. application for the highway closure.

During the refurbishment of gantries in the Bremen area at the end of 2020, a mobile barrier made it possible to reach all the points to be worked on the same day. The lanes were closed for only about 45 minutes each.

On the first day of this rehabilitation measure, the injection connections for the actual gap compensation were set by qualified DIAMANT technicians. They also carried out the sealing of the gap with MM1018 Seal. On the second day, the gap injection was carried out with MM1018 FL Liquid Lining Sheet®. This has a compressive strength of 161 N/mm² and is thus ideally suited to withstand the considerable loads.

Dank des ausgeklügelten Injektionsverfahrens und der fachgerechten Durchführung durch geschultes Personal wird die 100%-ige Spaltfüllung sichergestellt. DIAMANT-Geschäftsführer Carsten Kunde freut sich, „mit unserem Polymersystem MM1018 einen signifikanten Beitrag zur Erhöhung der Verkehrssicherheit in ganz Deutschland“ leisten zu können.

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